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Cessna Citation CJ2 / CJ2+ 

The Cessna Citation CJ2 is a light jet, suitable for maximum 6 passengers. This jet is the ideal choice for mid-range trips. Depending the number of passengers and luggage weight (total payload) and weather conditions, the maximum range is approximately up to 1511 nautical miles (2798 km).


- Pressurized Sit Down Cabin
- Cabin Dimensions (L/W/H): 4.20/1.50/1.46 m
- Enclosed Lavatory 
- Leather Seats
- Airconditioning
 Cold Meal Service
- Luggage space 1.8 m3
- Cruise speed: 407 knots /  754 km/hr

- Passengers: 6


Contact our headquarters for advice. We will select the type of aircraft that best suits your travel needs: call +31-727-630-714

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