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Orange Jets: your trusted Jet Consultant and Exclusive Agent for Aircraft Sales, Lease & Acquisition

Besides Air Charter Services, Orange Jets is your trusted Jet Consultant providing Aircraft Sales, Lease and Acquisition Services. We have the ability to successfully market and acquire virtually any corporate aircraft or helicopter worldwide. We are your trusted aircraft broker for the sale, lease or purchase of any type of aircraft. We have the experience and expertise to acquire the variety of aircraft – from small jets to long-range wide-body airliners. For clients looking to acquire new or pre-owned aircraft, we hold the necessary expertise, network and infrastructure in order to identify the most suitable and best priced opportunities available on the European, Middle East, US and Asia-Pacific markets. Not only via the public listings, but we are also capable to identify "off-market" aircraft and soon-to-come-to-the-market opportunities.

Selling your aircraft utilizing Orange Jets as your Jet Aircraft Broker

A jet broker serves many functions. By definition, an aircraft broker introduces buyers to sellers. A more correct description for Orange Jets' role is as an Exclusive Aviation Sales Consultant acting as your Exclusive Sales Agent. Unlike many brokers, we do much more than simply introduce the buyer to the seller. Orange Jets handles every aspect of the transaction, starting from professional marketing and listing your aircraft up to closing the sale and final delivery. Our professionals are committed to providing exclusive, dedicated service to our customers. Many brokers simply list an aircraft with the listing services waiting for their email to pop-up or phone to ring, but we will use a different, proactive approach to market your aircraft through our extensive global network. We will initiate a thorough marketing process from the start and will use state-of-the-art exposure methods to reach the international audience.

Aircraft Acquisition utilizing Orange Jets' Experts as your Exclusive Buying Agent

For both Lease and Purchase of Aircraft your Orange Jets' Aircraft Acquisition Agent will act as your Exclusive Buying Agent and is responsible for 1) Identifying and analyzing the needs of the Buyer, 2) Use professional knowledge and skills as well as services of any appropriate cooperating agencies or individuals toward the location, technical inspection, presentation and/or movement of aircraft, which is available for purchase and/or lease and suitable for Buyer's needs, 3) Assist Buyer through the entire process of Aircraft acquisition, 4) Negotiate for and act in Buyer's best interest in all transactions.

Our consulting agents will provide options for lease or purchase and take charge over the entire buying or leasing process. We do this by researching the marketplace, analyzing all available aircraft, and assisting our clients with the selection and negotiation for the most suitable aircraft. The advantages of using an Acquisition Agent are many, including the ability for you to remain anonymous. Using your own acquisition agent also allows you to negotiate through a third-party. Many purchases would not have succeeded if buyer and seller had negotiated directly. We do more than simply provide a list of available aircraft, wait for the deal to close and collect a fee. We do not limit our client's options to only those aircraft listed in trade publications. Once we have identified all possible suitable aircraft for our client, our role as Buying Agent really begins. Selecting your aircraft involves more than merely comparing prices. With each aircraft acquisition we focus on many factors, such as price, engine times, avionics and features, aircraft interior and configuration, ownership, maintenance history, etc. Only then we will make our recommendations and advise you. We organize technical inspections and test flights. Thereafter, we handle all price negotiations and contracting. It is in your best interest that we are intimately involved throughout the entire acquisition process, from first research through final delivery. Acquiring an aircraft should not be stressful for you as a client. Over the years, our professional brokers have performed this task effectively for our customers. 

The advantages of Leasing versus Purchasing Aircraft:

- Financial: Lease payments are typically treated as expenses (Tax Benefits). Better usage of capital.

- Flexibility: lessees can more easily upgrade or downgrade to another aircraft category as their needs change.

- Risk management: the lessor takes market value risk. If the market drops, the lessor (and not the lessee) loses.

- At the end of the lease, the lessee can walk away, renew, or in many cases purchase the aircraft.

Interested? Shoot a message and we will contact you.

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