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Large-Cabin & Long-Range Jets


Heavy Jets or Large Cabin Jets provide clients with the utmost luxury and comfort. These aircraft are suitable for long-range flights (approx 4000 to 7000 miles / 7400 to 13000 km) and make transatlantic travelling possible without fuel stops.



- Standup Cabins
- Onboard entertainment

- Onboard WIFI/ Satellite Phone
- Hot meal service
- Flight Attendant service
- Onboard toilet and washroom
- Generous space for luggage
- Sleeping facilities

- Passengers: 9-18

Typical models available for charter via Orange Jets:

- Dassault: Falcon 900, Falcon 2000Falcon 7X, Falcon 8X

- Bombardier: Challenger 600-series, Global Express, Global 6000, Challenger 850

- Gulfstream:  G450G550, G650ER

- Embraer: Legacy 600/650, Lineage 1000

Contact our headquarters for advice. We will select the type of aircraft that best suits your travel needs: call +31-727-630-714

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