Coronavirus outbreak: increasing demand for Private Jets. Orange Jets worldwide repatriation.

As commercial aviation takes a hit due to travel bans, we at Orange Jets confirm the increasing demand for private jet charter flights. Both corporations and individuals hire us to evacuate and avoid areas affected by the coronavirus. Since the virus outbreak we have been working continuously to repatriate people worldwide. Private jets are able to bypass travel bans and screenings because private jets fly out of smaller terminals. Passengers are not necessarily subject to commercial security and health screenings.

We at Orange Jets have been working very closely with the local public health authorities and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in order to ensure that we meet all health regulations, necessities and recommendations. We also continue to increase cleaning and disinfection procedures and resources on board our aircraft in order to fully protect our passengers and crew members at all times.

We are aware of a growing reluctance for travelling and putting yourself in close proximity to large public spaces or crowds, but as you may know business aviation has its advantages in this regard:

- Passengers avoid the crowds, as they enter the aircraft through a much more private terminal (General Aviation Terminal);

- Passengers aboard the aircraft just couple of minutes before takeoff so they avoid spending time on airports in crowded or confined spaces;

- During the flight, the passenger is either alone or in a company he knows (except for the crew);

- Passengers can get to a certain destination and fly back home in the same day, eliminating the need for hotel accommodation;

- Cleaning and disinfection materials are at passengers' disposal at all times. Book your private flight, call +31727630714

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